Super boosts

Super Boosts are tactical bonuses that can be activated during matches to increase the chances of winning a point for a set period of time, and therefore increase the Ballman's chances of victory.
A Super Boost can be used once per set.
Super Boosts increase the Ballman's success percentage for a certain number of points in a specific area:
Increases the chances of hitting an ace or a winner serve on the next 5 serves
Reduces the opponent's chances of making an ace or a winning return on the next 5 returns.
Baseline play
Increases the chance of winning a baseline rally on the next 8 points.
Increases energy points for the next 10 points
Net play
Increases the chances of winning a point at the net in the next 8 points.
Mental play
Increases the chances of winning a point in a key moment and decreases the chances of making a double fault on the next 7 points.
Globally using a super boost increases your chance to win the point between 10 and 15% depending on the situation.