Visual characteristics

🎯 Ballman Legends

A Ballman legend is a combination of at least six visual characteristics (traits) of varying rarity.
Visual characteristics:
🎾 Pose
🎾 Ball
🎾 Place
🎾 Clothing
🎾 Accessories (watch, wristband, racket, etc.)
🎾 Signature
Some premium Ballmen have an intrinsic rarity commemorating a particular match and are issued in only four variations: classic, bronze, silver and gold.
A total of 28 premium Ballmen have been released.
A special one-off Ballman, the match ball, will be the 5555th ball to be minted and has been auctioned off – with the proceeds going to charity.
Different visual traits have different rarities, ranging from common to rare (less than 5% occurrence) to legendary (less than 1%).
You can check the Ballman site to learn just how rare each trait is and to evaluate the total rarity coefficient of the Ballman according to the rarity score best practice based on the sum of the inverses of each trait’s rarity.
Last but not least, some Ballman players have bonus undocumented alterations, or ‘easter eggs’, that make them very rare without this being visible to the rarity tools.

🎯 Champions, Elite, Challengers and Rookies

These Ballman players are a combination of various visual characteristics:
🎾 Pose (Serve, Hold, Forehand, One Hand Backhand, Two Hand Backhand)
🎾 Field surface (clay, resin, concrete, grass)
🎾 Face (eyes, eyebrow, hair, skin color, tattoos)
🎾 Clothing (t-shirt, shorts, socks, sneakers)
🎾 Accessories (glasses, headband, wristband, cap, racket)
Some Ballman players have rare specific outfits, which also provide an additional skill.
For example, the pirate headband is rare (1% of Ballman players) and provides a “power” skill bonus of +5.