Results calculation

⚡️ Impact of energy

Each player starts with an energy level that decreases over the course of the match – this may happen at different rates depending on their conditioning. Skills will decrease during the match according to the remaining energy points.
A ballman with 1 energy point remaining will lose almost half of his skills.
This is where using at the right time your energy booster is important!

⚙️ Impact of Ballman’s class

In a match, some classes of players inherit advantages against other classes as follows:
This means a Counterpuncher against a Serve-and-Volleyer has +4% bonus on his skills.

Winrate according the difference of skill points

Each player’s skill points are re-evaluated before starting a new rally. A player with more points than his opponent has better chances to win the rally and of consequently the match.
But just like in the real world, there’s no such thing as a sure victory! A stronger player on paper can still suffer a defeat.

The rally and determination of a point

Each point is determined by successive probabilities of achieving an outcome. The chances of achieving this or that outcome depend on the skills of both players. The different outcomes on a player's serve are: an ace, a winning serve, a rally starting, a fault and on the second serve, a double fault.
If the rally starts, different probabilities are calculated depending on the skills of both players and their classes. This leads to a variety of outcomes ranging from a forehand out to a winning volley…
Full list of rally shot types: Volley, Smash, Forehand, Backhand, Passing, Dropshot, Lob, Tweener.
Skills, impacts on match outcomes